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Team Asfa 6 (A Soccer-theme 6th birthday party) (25 photos)


"This Is Asfa Stadium" signage

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The nephew, Asfa turned 6 and he wanted a party to celebrate it. Looking at how much he loves playing soccer, we decided on a soccer theme for the party and promptly transformed the venue into a party stadium!

Invitations were sent out via FaceBook, resembling a callout for soccer trial participants. A colour theme of red (the colour of his favourite soccer team), green, black & white were chosen. I also came up with a logo for the party which looks like a soccer team emblem. Plain white t-shirts with the logo were printed for the birthday boy's family. Guests were encouraged to come in soccer attire.

A sign "This Is Asfa Stadium" alerted guests that they were at the right venue. They were then greeted by a banner "Welcome To Asfa Stadium. Home Of Team Asfa" as they walked through the door. A photo booth was set up that guests can pose with props such as a trophy, a team flag and red or yellow cards. A coloring corner was set up for bored children to fill in the time before the party kicks off. The team logo was applied on all partyware, from straws to labels on water bottles.

The food table was loaded with finger food that were given soccer-centric names instead. The gorgeous birthday cake was lovingly done by Cupcake Momma.

The kids played "Pin The Ball to Asfa", our version of "Pin The Tail On The Donkey", and blindfolded penalty shootouts. A pinata was a fitting ending to the party where every kid took a turn at it. At the end of the day, they took home favor bags filled with candies and little soccer knick-knacks and were given little foam medals that the birthday boy helped fixed around their necks.

Party Styling & Planning: Khraftlings
Cake: Cupcake Momma (
Photography: Khraftlings & Faridz (Kunta Photography)

Singapore, Singapore
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