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Taylor's 9th Camping Birthday Party (18 photos)


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I had so much fun planning and creating this party.   I think invitaions really set the tone of a party so I always try to do something to let guests know what to expect. Our city is relatively small  so its nice I don't always have to think about postage for invitaions with that in mind I really went all out on the invitations for her party!  I bought a large lot of empty altoid tins from ebay and then painted them red, I then embellished the outside with shapes cut using my cricut. I filled the inside with smores goldfish mix, gold star confetti, a piece of vintage hotdog bubblegum and a small bandaid.  On the inside lid I wrote the party details and hand delivered to each of our friends.

We had a snack bar for all the kids with ghost story marshmallow peeps, boston baked beans candy boxes, campfire cupcakes, chocolate rock pebbles, snack pak pudding cups and cinnamon bears.

For activities the kids painted their own bird houses, had a marshmallow toss and a gone fishing game.

Once the sun set we started the campfire and the kids were able to roast their own hotdogs for dinner and then make smores to end the night.   It was a great party and the birthday girls was very happy!!

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Lake Havasu City, AZ
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