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Baby Bun Reveal Party (9 photos)


The tissue paper pom poms tied in with the polka dot theme

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I begged and pleaded with my friend Ashley to let me plan her a party to reveal the gender of her little bun (that would be a baby). It really took some convincing and just-short-of-constant IMs and emails to convince her and her husband, but I did it!

The inspiration for the party decor was fully inspired by some polka dot balloons. Even though I knew it was a girl, I knew that I had to add blue in too…just in case. It was not easy to find the polka dot balloons without spending a small fortune (found the best price on Ebay BTW) but got them ordered and delivered and I was off on a brown/blue/pink/white/polka dot mission! It was a big misson

Drinks were pink lemonade and blue kool-aid, the invitation had polka dots, the cake(s) had polka dots,  the cake boards were wrapped in some great white polka dot wrapping paper and surrounded by chocolate polka dots cupcakes, there were pink and blue tissue pom poms hanging from the curtain rods.

Everyone was asked to dress in pink or blue and then we had a “photo booth” where people had their picture taken. Of course the picture backdrop had polka dots.

We ate, we drank, we chatted, but we were all there to find out one thing in a fun way! Seriously…what is this bun? A little after 7:30 after waiting for someone to come to the party

I made a card for Ashley and her husband to take to the ultrasound and it was sealed in a top secret envelope and it made the trip to their house buckled into a car seat and then it was tucked away in a closet where no one would open it. That night at the party, the photographer opened the envelope and then took away the wrong cake so only the right colored cake was waiting to be cut.

Ashley’s grandma invited everyone back in two years to have another party…you know, for the girl

It was such a fun evening. There were things I had planned that I didn’t get to do, but the miracle of planning a party is that you’re the only one who knows what was left out. No one had any idea that I forgot the pink and blue ice pops for the kids or the paper for the kids to do bubble paintings for Baby Boy Bun. I’m so glad that I asked someone else to come and take the pictures. The photographer was my SIL Jenna and I thought she did fantastic. It was such a relief to not worry about the pictures and just worry about the logistics (drinks made, chips and salsa filled, etc) while the host and hostess were free to spend time with their guests.

Amy @ Amy Lynn Events
Van Horne, IA
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