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{diy tutorial} Tissue Paper Pom Poms (8 photos)


diy paper pom poms tutorial

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Pom poms are not only adorable but they are super simple and inexpensive to make.  They are perfect for party decorations or just to spruce up a nursery, children’s room or adding a fun touch to your craft space.  There are so many colors of tissue paper that the possibilities are endless!

(see picture 1)
Tissue Paper Packets in your favorite colors/party colors
Floral Wire or similar


Lay out your tissue paper.  For this tutorial I used 9 pieces.  After you make a few of them you can determine how many pieces you want to use.
Begin by folding your tissue paper accordion style.  I used 1″-1.5″ folds.  Then, fold it in half to find the center.

Tie a small piece of the wire around the paper to secure the center.

Take your ribbon (cut the desired length of ribbon that you need if you plan on hanging the pom) and tie a knot around the wire.

Trim the ends to your desired shape. I used a rounded edge which creates a scalloped pom but you can also use a pointed edge to create a star look.

Fan out the folds.  Very gently and carefully separate the layers of tissue paper from one another and begin pulling them apart and shaping them. Be sure not to pull too hard as the paper can easily rip.  Pull the paper as close to the center as you can. Repeat on the other side.

Voila!  You are ready to hang your pom.



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