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Dylan's 4th Birthday - Pirate Party (20 photos)


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My son Dylan loves pirates and requested a pirate party for his 4th birthday so I got to work planning his special day. I try to incorporate the whole house when I plan so guests get a full experience when they come to celebrate. Guests were met with a row of pirate flags and a dotted line leading them to an "X" that marked the spot confirming they had arrived at the right location. Once inside they passed by the "loot" table to grab their pirate wares - eye patches, hooks, swords, bandanas, gold coins, chains and fun glow sticks which I ordered from Oriental Trading and Dollar Tree. Once they were dripping in loot they ran outside to jump in the pirate ship jumpy house, bounce on the trampoline and climb in our pirate island fort. I tried to keep the food simple with hot dogs and sandwiches for the kids and my mom's famous Chinese chicken salad served in Chinese takeout boxes from Smart & Final and decorated with labels I made using PowerPoint for the adults. My husband Matthew was in charge of the pirate ship fruit bowl. I think he did a great job! I like to have snacks outside for the kids so there is no need to run through the house when they want a quick bite. Dylan loves a good cupcake so I decorated them with pirate themed candles. After gathering all their loot, on the way out guests received a pirate cake pop that my good friend Selena helped me make. That was for sure a labor of love and I couldn't have done it without her. We used red and white candy melts, mini red M&Ms and tiny red hearts to make the bandana knots. They weren't perfect but I think they turned out great! Overall, I think the 36 children that attended the party had a blast and I think the parents did too!

Pacifica, CA
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