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Party with My Peeps - DIY Budget Friendly (22 photos)


  • eckored434:

    Although I did not do as much as this shows, I loved the t-shirts, the felt peep banners, the baskets & just the simple ideas it gave me for my family's Easter. Thank you!

    • April 11, 2012 at 8:40AM
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I love the idea of PEEPS = Friends! So I thought what a fun little playdate/party this would make for my youngest daughter. I started looking all over for ideas and ways to incorporate Peeps in to the food, decor, and activites but not overdoing it (which would be really easy with all the fun things I found). I also wanted this party to be busget friendly, not something that would break the bank. Everything you see was a mixture of dollar store items (plates, brushes, Easter baskets, etc.), things I made, and a couple things (like the cake stand, picture frame, etc.) I already had. All the treats, party favors, and decorations were DIY which made it extra fun and personal.

I would love to post all the tutorials here, but that would be super long and a lot of pictures, so you can find all the tips and tutorials for making this Easter party on my blog at

Come check us out :)


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