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Sugar & Spice Baby Shower (19 photos)


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 I knew I wanted to make this event extra special, as it was to welcome my sister’s first baby and Grandma’s first granddaughter.  Having a close relationship with my sister, I knew she would love classy elegance with a splash of girly fun.  I went for a vibrant, modern take on the “Sugar & Spice” theme,” instead of staying with just the typical pink and brown.  Various shades of pink were selected for the pintuck table runners, as well as the orchid centerpieces.  Orange hues and lighter shades of purple were added to create an energetic environment, as the venue popped with color with its natural lighting from the large windows overlooking the water.

Hand-cut banners hung as backdrops and borders for the pink linens that adorned the surrounding tables.  Various patterns were used to incorporate dashes of color on the labels.  Large signs were displayed on easels for the dessert and game table, as well as the seating arrangements.  All the party printables are available in our ETSY shop.

Guests were busy playing the theme-oriented games.  This included “Guess the Sugar Baby’s Name,” where they were asked to identify the name of the baby held by his/her celebrity parent.  Then, each guest filled out a timeline trying their best to guess which sugary treat was created during the listed years.  It is always special to include the guest-of-honor in your games; for that reason, we had each guest try to match up the size of the mommy-to-be’s tummy to the piece of yarn that they cut.  Winners went home with a bottle of wine of their choosing provided by Hand-Picked Selections, Inc and adorned with a customized label.

Guests dove into the cupcake and ice cream display, which featured flavors such as apple “spice” and pumpkin “spice” to stick with the theme.  Of course, the guests were drooling after they were able to take home a treat box filled with sugary nibblers from the Sweet Treat Dessert Table. The display included color-coordinated sweet gummies, sour candies,  and chocolate dipped/covered goodies that were so irresistible that some guests were sneaking handfuls throughout the day!

Event Planning & Candy/ Dessert Table Design: CW distinctive DESIGNS  {}
Photography: A. Lindstrom Photography {}
Cupcakes: Cakes.By.Me {}                                                                           Venue:  Lobster Shanty, Point Pleasant, NJ  {}



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