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April Showers 1st Birthday Party (32 photos)


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Our daughter, Bailey, was born on April 19, so for her first birthday party we adopted an “April Showers” theme.  The party was great fun, and the theme of spring/April showers/May flowers ran throughout.  Some highlights included:

Invitations with a yellow duck frolicking in puddles with an umbrella gave guests a hint of what awaited them at the party. 

On the big day, guests approaching the house (on what turned out to be a perfect April day without a cloud, much less a shower, in the sky), were greeted by a colorful umbrella on the front door.  To that umbrella we added a sign that encouraged everyone to come on in and enjoy.  Because of the large crowd we expected, we wanted to make sure no one waited at the door excessively while either my husband or I was otherwise occupied – the idea was to make everyone feel right at home and comfortable. 

The guest of honor was clad in a custom-made shirt designed by Sarahbelles & Beaus (, which featured a pink and yellow umbrella with her initial in the center. 

Inside decorations that carried the theme included tissue-paper “clouds” with rain drops made from scrapbooking paper hung from the dining room ceiling; rubber duckies floating in a wide vase filled with blue marbles to evoke a rainy-day puddle; and wall decals of clouds, rain drops, and umbrellas that were affixed to several doors and windows.  Several other decorative umbrellas were scattered throughout. 

A festive pink rain boot held fresh white tulips and served as the centerpiece for the food display.  Another boot and tulips brightened the downstairs powder room.  

Because, as we all know, April showers bring May flowers, we displayed Bailey’s monthly photos on colorful flowers that were perched brightly along the mantle in our family room.  I wrote a poem that was displayed in the center of the flowers to tie the images to the theme. 

In addition, to beer, wine, and lemonade, guests were offered sips of “Cloud Juice” (known better as water!), which was available in a bucket on the back deck. 

The menu items were each given a cute name to tie to the theme.  Selections included rainbow fruit skewers, spring vegetables, upside-down umbrellas stuffed with chicken and shrimp salads (phylo cups!), and cheese and “quackers.”  (That last one garnered a few groans for the pun, but we thought it was cute!) 

For dessert, guests enjoyed cupcakes custom-made by a local Williamsburg vendor, Cupcakes and Confections.  The cupcakes were adorned with fondant umbrellas, ducks, and rain boots, and they were as delicious as they were cute!  Bailey’s smash cake was a larger cupcake with a fondant duck perched on top. 

Upon leaving, all adult guests were given a “Morning Showers” votive candle as a favor, and each child in attendance received a book entitled “Spring.”  Attached to each book was a tag that read “Thanks for Dropping By!” with the image of an umbrella and rain drops.

Our “April Showers” theme was such a fun one, and the party ended up being a festive and fun celebration!  There was certainly nothing dreary or gloomy about this “rainy day” theme!

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