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Don't be a SQUARE, CIRCLE her with love. A baby shower at the beach (34 photos)


Finished invitation

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The idea for theme came about when I had this crazy idea for the invitations. I needed to make over 100 of them. I knew they would be time consuming to make but I also knew they would be AMAZING and unlike any invitation anyone has ever received! I went to my local lumberyard and had wood beams cut into 3x3 blocks. Then I headed home ready to sand them all by hand so I did 10 a day for 10 days and step one was finished. I then proceeded to use Glossy Modge podge  (by the gallon at and did 3 sides at a time, let it dry and finished up with the other 3 sides. I repeated that process but this time for the topcoat on the photo paper  (Graphic design by Sara Westbrook Designs). I then sprayed each block with a glossy acrylic sealer for extra shine and hold. I wrapped them in cellophane, tied it up with tulle and tada these beauties were ready to be hand delivered!
FOOD: I had 4 different salads and 2 kinds of rolls (white and orange) prepared by friends attending the shower, and these women who know how to cook the salads were amazing. (Spring salad with berries, Chinese chicken salad, Italian chopped salad and pasta salad). To keep the salads crisp and fresh they were mixed in small increments throughout the party so even guests who came later still had fresh food.
DRINKS: There were 2 infused water choices. The fruit was placed individually in muffin pans and then covered with hot filtered water. This helps to flavor the ice and keep the ice clear and not cloudy).  Flavors were Blackberry/Mint and Lemon/Cucumber.
There were also plastic milk bottles purchased from filled with raspberry lemonade and limeade.
Guess how many Gumballs: I made this Gumball machine after I saw the tutorial here. I cut vinyl stickers and placed them on the glass. The winner received a MIGHTY BE beach bag from Ju-Ju-Be. The number of gumballs (421) was also date of the event 4/21. I achieved that by placing an empty water bottle in the middle of the glass bowl to fill space.

DECORATE BABY BLOCKS: I purchased baby blocks from AllThingsUnderTheSun Etsy Shop. I let the owner know we would like to decorate them so she left a few sides blank. I used my Cricut Machine and cut small stencils that guests could use for drawing. I pinned the stencils on a canvas that I covered with modge podge and scrapbook paper.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice was served with macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom (just like you get in Hawaii)!. Hula Girls did an AMAZING job and everybody was so excited to try it.

SIGN: I wanted a quote that captured what the Beach meant to me, I painted the words on burlap strips with acrylic paint and used modge podge (again) to glue the burlap to the canvas

PARTY FAVORS: I used plastic tubes purchased from filled with gumballs and sealed with a sticker that said “THANKS FOR COMING, WE HOPE YOU HAD A BALL!

Graphic Design:Invitations, party favors, and menu cards
Photographs: Debbie Stapley, Jill Pitzak and Missy White
Shaved Ice Hula Girls Shave Ice:
Baby Blocks to Decorate: AllThingsUnderTheSun Etsy Shop
Thanks to Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bags for the MIGHTY BE bag prize


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