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Pink & Green Polka Dot 1st Birthday Party (20 photos)



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My sister in law, Sandy, wanted her daughter's dol {Korean 1st birthday celebration} to be pink and girly with a touch of green for spring. Based off the polka dotted balloon invite, I put together a detailed party plan so she could easily execute Erin’s party.

My plan focused on pink, green, polka dots, balloons, daisies, tulle and Erin’s pictures throughout the year. We incorporated each of these elements throughout the party {the entryway, gift table, sweets table, dolchanji table, appetizer buffet, centerpieces and place settings} usingSprik Spaces’ free polka dot patterns and washi tape.

Entryway: We matted pictures from Erin’s newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month portrait sessions  to cardstock and taped them to ribbons. We used 6 yards of tulle to drape over the doorway.

Doljabi Table: The doljabi is a Korean first birthday tradition in which various items are placed in front of the baby. Whichever item the birthday girl picks is thought to tell her future {golf ball::athlete; pencil::scholar; stethoscope::doctor; paint brush::artist: microphone::performer}.  I used Sprik Space’s free polka dot patterns in 5 ways: doljabi sign, doljabi tickets, doljabi clip art tray liners.

Centerpieces & Place Settings: The buckets were 50 cents from Target and the daisy bouquets were from Michael’s. It literally took a few minutes to put each centerpiece together. The menus were printed on white cardstock and adorned with one strip of washi tape.

Sweets Table: Sandy wanted a modern dol, while keeping a few classic elements. To combine modern with traditional on the main table, we included candy coated marshmallow pops & cupcakes with dduk {Korean rice cakes} & fruit. In MS Word, I designed cupcake toppers using Sprik Space’s free pattern.

Erin’s grandma sewed the tulle table skirt and we scattered balloons on the floor, which the kids loved playing with!

All in all, Sandy said, "The party turned out even betterthan I envisioned. I loved the sweets table arrangement, the colors, the tulle table skirt and how the balloons tied everything together. I wasn't excited about the entire process, but I'm glad I put in the time and money to create a beautiful party for my little girl." Awww that means the most to me as a party planner: when people see that the time, money and effort truly is worth it.


Party Plan, Styling and Photography: a{day} with lil mama stuart

Venue: Maggiano’s

Buckets, Bowls, Trays, Balloons: Target

Polka Dot Pattern to make printables: Sprik Space

Daisies: Michael’s

Mindy @ a {day} with lil mama stuart
Chicago, Illinois
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