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A Star is Born- (8 photos)



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The theme of this baby shower was A Star Is Born simply because my client and her husband are very involved in the film industry and own a media production company. She always calls her baby her "Ninababy" (a play on her last name) so I thought this was kind of a fun name to have included in the theme. It reminded me of how celebrities always have goofy names made up for them and their families. So all of this led to a hollywood theme of all shades of yellow and gray and a bit of black! 

Food that was served was all to be shades of yellow. The list includes marshmallow pops, chips, vanilla pudding with whipped cream and sprinkles, popcorn, lemon drops, golden oreos, puff pastries, crackers and a cheese ball and yellow goldfish crackers. To drink we served lemonade and water with lemon. 

The decor was all within the colour scheme and was mostly purchased at Dollarama or Party Packagers. This included a bunch of hollywood decor and yellow lanterns...etc. All signs for baby name guessing and other little activities were put in cheap white frames which looked much better than plain paper signs. 

All in all, great party and my very first!! Tell me what you think!


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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