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Elvis Presley - 3rd birthday party (21 photos)


Buffet centerpiece - Elvis silhouettes

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My oldest son is the biggest Elvis Presley fan!!  He loves to sing his songs, dance his moves, dress his style... I think the best day of his young life to date was when he spotted the "real" Elvis at a Halloween street party (when he himself was dressed as the "King"). So, for his 3rd birthday party, we thought an Elvis-inspired party was a must!  I did a little play with words on his name (my son's name is Gabriel) and invited our friends to a "GabriElvis Tribute" in black, white and blue-suede-shoes.  I got started on the invitation concept and my sister, who is a graphic designer, helped me bring it to life :-)  I printed, cut and glued it in the shape of a vinyl record and a record sleeve and mailed it inside blue envelopes.

There were Elvis references throughout the party decoration - we had blue, black and white leis given to guests upon their arrival, as a homage to Elvis' Hawaii movies; "Welcome to Vegas" place card holders honoring his Las Vegas phase, and so on.  We also handed out Elvis' 70's style sunglasses and king paper crowns to our friends to wear at the party.

I bought an old Elvis vinyl record and asked guests to write their happy wishes for the birthday boy on it using silver marker.  After the party, I framed both the record and its cover and now they hang over his bed.

For the table centerpiece, I used a few extra Elvis silhouette cutouts leftover from the favor bags (see below) and served some of Elvis' favorite foods (barbecued chicken pizzas, peanut butter & banana grilled sandwiches...). I also had star-shaped toasts and pita bread cut into guitar and musical notes shapes.

The cake was made by one of the guests and it looked exactly like what I had in mind!  It was shaped like a record with key notes on the side.  I then placed an Elvis CD in the center as the record "label" and a couple of Elvis bendable figurines.  When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday", I switched the figurines for a hand-painted candle modeled after a guitar Elvis used during his 1968 TV special. 

For the party favors, I continued to use the white, black and blue theme colors. I printed an Elvis silhouette, traced it on black card stock paper and hand-cut them individually to be glued on the front of each gift bag.  Then I stuffed them with Elvis's PEZ dispensers, a microphone, a CD titled "Elvis Sings for Kids" (songs like "Old McDonald" and "Teddy Bear" included), plus more sunglasses and the paper crowns.  We also had Elvis interactive dress-up magnet sets for kids to play with. The little tag attached to the bag's handle read "Thank you. Thank you very much", which is how Elvis ended his songs and/or his concerts.

Last but not least, my son wore his Elvis outfit from the previous Halloween and felt like the "King" himself :-)

A little curious fact - idol and fan share the same birthday, January 8!!

You can see more details of this party here:

Party Styling, food & photography: Flavia, Fête à Fête (
Invitations: a joint effort between my sister Katia and I.  (Katia's blog:


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