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Make a WISH (26 photos)


Maddie's Make a WISH 5th birthday party

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As a kid, the birthday wish was the all-important-part of the birthday celebration. Blowing out those candles meant there was a glimmer of hope that some small dream in your little heart would have a chance of coming true if made at that very moment. There is so much that is magic about birthdays when you are a child that seems to go away as we get older; celebrating and capturing some of that magic was my aim when we started planning Madeline’s 5th “Make a Wish” birthday party. You can see a bit more of the party theme story here.

Madeline’s birthday was extra fun to put together, as she – for the first time – had quite a few opinions on what her party needed to include. The colors had to be pink and silver, “because that’s what colors wishes are.” Adding some aqua, too, was ok with the birthday girl. And a have-to-have was a proper birthday crown. She was thrilled to receive the beautiful pink Swarovski crystal tiara from Tradewind Tiaras to wear on her special day! The tiara absolutely shimmered and sparkled — it was magical!

We didn’t want to keep the birthday wishes to ourselves, so we asked our blog readers what their birthday wishes as small children were. I took all those wishes and bottled them or hung them in stars – I think this ended up being my favorite party detail. I laughed and cried at the responses I received – wishes for rainbow princess unicorns, giant engagement rings from Justin Bieber, and abandoned toys r us trucks  made me smile. Other wishes like those made for healthy parents, just to have any birthday party at all, and a wish to live in america were perspective adjusting.  We so enjoyed having all those birthday wishes as part of our party!



The little bottled wishes were set among the desserts in the thrift store china hutch I painted ocean blue. I lined the back of the hutch with scrapbook paper I had designed for the occasion.  We had dandelion inspired brownie pops and sparkling oreo pops made lovingly by my friend Courtney and special custom made “Wish” cookies provided by Dainty Delights and beautiful Kandy Kones from Posh Party Pretties. Twinkle pops and M&M filled push pops sourced from CupKates Event Designsrounded out our sweet offerings in the hutch. More on the desserts in my next post!

Sitting on a pink tea cart close by was the gorgeous star and candle filled birthday cake by Something Sweet Cake Studio. Johnnie did a fabulous job creating a sparkling pink confection that was exactly what I wanted! It tasted even better than it looked. Strawberry milkshake shots (a request from the birthday girl) sat by as a birthday cake chaser–these were definitely a kid favorite!!



Maddie was quite insistent that all the birthday guests needed to have birthday hats! Each place was set with pink melamine plates, a specially-made birthday hat, antique lace napkin tied with crystal napkin rings from Tradewind Tiaras, and a cupcake topped with a silver candle and crepe edged cupcake topper in a cupcake wrapper from Laugh Loud Smile Big. All the cupcake were placed on individual stands fromBlowout Party.

This is usually a custom reserved for the birthday boy or girl, but since our party was all about birthday wishes, we let our party guests blow out candles and make a wish along with the birthday girl (she got a cake full to blow out!). Buds, Etc. graciously provided the beautiful floral centerpieces draped in pearls, studded with sparkles, and set in milk glass vases from her personal collection. I always love working with Patti and the attention to detail and her style is incredible! The chair backs were tied with lengths of ribbon and finished with crepe paper rosettes with sparkling silver stars.



While we waited for all the guests to arrive so we could have lunch, we kept the little guests busy making ribbon wands and sparkly snow globes. They occupied themselves after that playing with the balloons that were scattered on the floor. Sometimes your best laid plans are laid to the wayside by those you are trying to entertain.  After lunch, we treated everyone to a magic show by Dr. Dan the Magic Man. The dove was the highlight of the show!



I love party art! In the party rooms, we hung sewn circle garlands and streaming trails of little silver stars. Renee Adler, a Frog Prince Paperie designer, was nice enough to create the “Starlight, Star bright” poster I placed on a painted canvas to display. The triple sliding glass door that is  a prominent feature in the party room had dandelion vinyl art applied to the length. Natalie at the Knock Knock Factory provided a colorful wreath in the “Wish” theme. I also used an Ikea chandelier and an old torch lamp to create a giant dandelion for decoration! It was very funny to watch the children blowing on the dandelion trying to make extra big wishes.


Each little guest left with a star that held a tiny star necklace that said “Wish” on the front, while the boys in attendance took home a star filled with chocolate coins for the wishing well. There were many adults at the party  without kids, so we had a small box of Godiva chocolates for them to take home as a thank you.



A special thank you to Southern Belle’s Charm who once again aided in dreaming up some unique ideas to help make our party special! And another heartfelt thank you to all the vendors who leant time and talent:






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