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TJL Flight Academy Birthday (18 photos)


Dessert Table

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My little man Trenton was turning 3 and was smitten with airplanes. I wanted to design something a little different from the airplane parties that I saw online so I decided to go with a flight school theme.
I started with a logo that I created using Trenton's initials and an adorable plane clipart that I got from Blackleaf Design on Etsy. The invitation was a letter awarding the guests with a full scholarship to the TJL Flight Academy and a new student inauguration party.
The guests were greeted at the door with a registration desk that held their Pilot in Training badges and Pilot Logbooks.
The logbooks had "lessons" (games and crafts) listed in them.  Each child earned a flight sticker for each completed lesson.
The lesson stations were- 1. Scratch Off Plane Art 2. Airplane Folding 3. Runway Race 4. Pin the Propeller on the Plane and 5. Hit the Pinata
The kids were given cloud boxes (found on Amazon) to put their pinata prizes in.
The food table was designed by my mom and I and constructed in part by my stepdad. We designed a runway to hold the amazing and delicious cupcakes and candy apples from Roni's Sugar Creations. We purchased the illustrations on the backdrop, online.
When the kids completed their lessons they took their pilot picture and were mailed their pilot's license along with the thank you card.
As they left the party they visited the favor table for their Pilot Essentials; M&M candy tubes, glider airplanes and the Official Training Tools- a custom made crayon box.
This party was the most fun to plan and execute. A huge thank you to my mom and partner for all of her amazing creativity and help!
Vendor Credit:
Photography: 4S Photography
Cupcakes and Candy Apples: Roni's Sugar Creations
Candy cups, tubes and bags: TomKat Studio Shop and CupKate's Event Design
Illustration art: Blackleaf Studios and Peach Pops Clipart
Party Printables: Sweet Pop Studio


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