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Dragon Ball Z Ice Cream Party (18 photos)


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    Hi.. nice party...were you buy the Banner , I'm interested in buying it for my younger son's birthday party

    • June 25, 2013 at 5:11PM
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My hubby introduced the Dragon Ball Z series to his nephew and got him completely hooked. He offered his whole collection which his nephew thoroughly enjoyed. It was no surprise that he insisted on a Dragon Ball Z theme for his 7th birthday. Since he also loves ice cream, we decided to create an ice cream sundae bar. My brother was also a huge fan of the show and happened to still have his old Dragon Ball Z bedding set which was used as the backdrop for the table. We spray painted 7 foam balls and attached red stars to represent the famous Dragon Balls in the show. Goku Super Saiyan food name cards were used to identify each topping. I wrapped custom made character wrappers around blue cups for an added touch. Lastly, a traditional cake served as the centerpiece of the table. The kids had such a blast creating their own sundaes and the birthday boy was thrilled to see his favorite character decorated all over the ice cream bar. As a surprise to the birthday boy we had a Goku Super Saiyan Banner made to use as a photo backdrop. The kids had so much fun showing off their best super saiyan faces for the camera. It was also a wonderful keepsake for the birthday boy to remember his party.


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