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Goldilocks and the Three Bears (27 photos)


Party favors: a teddy nestled in a personalized bowl with a personalized wooden spoon.

  • PennyWise:

    Those are adorable!- what a great theme-were the bowls made at a paint and pottery place?

    • January 23, 2012 at 9:13AM
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I attempted to create a feeling of being in the bear family house at baby bear Brennan’s 2nd birthday; lots of little chairs, a bed, balloons, bunting and handmade desserts! And of course, a couple of pictures of the family the bears would hang up in their home. I used dark woods in crates, trays and tiny dollhouse chairs to display desserts that might find their way into a bear celebration: baked porridge topped with maple frosting and cinnamon, marzipan acorns, honey cupcakes, chocolate covered bear pops, bear sugar cookies, and all natural lollipops.

Allyson Jane provided the sugar cookies, and I baked the rest, save the cake! The cake was special; grandma flew in just for the party and made the cake for the birthday boy. Mama bear probably didn’t deal in fondant or cake tips, so we left it very homemade with love looking and topped it with a little mini bunting and wooden bear.

The blocks were custom made by Laugh Loud Smile Big to match the party and spell out Brennan’s name. Vicki, in her keen foresight, wanted to make my daughter happy as well, so they also spell Madeline! She also made a beautiful burlap banner that says “be the BEAR” for the photo booth.

The kids ate all their goodies and boxed lunches at a four-poster twin bed I converted into a kid-sized table. Each little head was topped with a fabulous party hat by none other than the talented Natalie at Southern Belle’s Charm.Party favors were porcelain bowls and wooden spoons personalized with each child’s name and a small teddy bear nestled in the bowl.

Outside, mason jars were filled with wildflower blooms selected and arranged by Buds, Etc. They were just right!

And I have to give a very special thank you to Natalie {Southern Belle’s Charm} and Nicole {Tradewind Tiaras}. Natalie was a HUGE help in brainstorming ideas for this party (like that fabulous bed idea and personalized bowls for favors!) and helping me along when I hit a little mental block. And Nicole, who is a wonder at beautifully detailed desserts, came to my aid in helping with ideas and methods for desserts on the table.


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