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First Birthday Bash - A Pool Party (36 photos)


First Birthday Bash Pool Party

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We  recently threw a pool party for our little 12 month old, who was born with gills, I'm sure, because the little guy LOVES to swim. 

There was music playing and a gathering of littles dancing around blue and orange beach balls, sunglasses and bubbles, squirt guns and sand pails, sweet and sticky things, blue and white striped beachy things, bright orange things, happy things and oh so many perfect little summery things.

And though I'm sure his twelve month old comprehension didn't get the full magnitude of what this day meant to us, that one year separates us from that amazing day he was first placed in our arms... he knew. He knew the attention was for him and he soaked it all in. He knew he was surrounded by the people he loved and the things that put a smile on his face, balls and bubbles and pools and happy little faces.

When guests arrived, they were met with a floor covered in blue and orange beach balls... in the perfect size for little hands to hold, and I think that might have been one of the favorite features of the party for the kids.  An open floor and lots of balls kept them entertained while us adults greeted each other and made plates of food to fill the little bellies.  Sometimes it's the simplest of things that keeps the kids entertained.

Tabitha Blue
Clearwater, FL
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