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Sock hop 50's Diner Party (45 photos)


Sweet table

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    love this theme party :) going to make one for my baby girls she loves Grease

    • March 17, 2013 at 11:25PM
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My daughter's favourite restaurant is Johnny Rockets and when I saw the Sock Hop 50's party supplies, I thought it was the perfect theme for her 8th birthday party and she loved the idea! From there we went all out with the 50's theme. I had a hand painted mural with a girl in a poodle skirt drinking a milkshake next to a jukebox for the main table background. I made the cake and cupcakes. I loved how they turned out. The cupcakes were like little milkshakes, a gum ball for a cherry and I cut some pirulines cookies as straws and for the cake I just did small black fondant/gum paste squares that I put together to recreate a 50's diner floor, the sugar doll ended up so cute, I tried to make her to look like my daughter with the brown hair and the big eyes :) The pretty milkshake cake pops were by My friend Cathy from TheCakeBomb {}.  I came across with the pretty bags at Michaels and they matched perfectly with the Sock hop Party supplies and I filled them with girly stuff for favors: Hair bands, hair clips, lipsticks... I made a jukebox welcome sign and a pinata as well. I had so much fun planning the food table: Hamburgers, mini hot-dogs, fries, pizza, chicken nuggets..Just food that is usually served at a dinner...I also had fruits, strawberry dip, jello cups.... I went to Johnny Rockets and they were so nice and gave me a few their hats for the kids to wear. We decorated all the room with balloons. I specially loved the balloon wall that my mom made, behind the food table. She is really the balloon specialist! I found the small glass coke bottles at my local supermarket and I used them to decorate the room. We had disco lights and music from the 50's and the girls had a blast dancing with Tiffany from she was an excellent entertainer! I made the invitations, water bottle labels and all the printables..and they can be found at my shop My uncle also dressed up as a waiter with the Johnny Rockets hat.. My daughter is already planning her next birthday party... She is talking SPA..


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