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Evil Queen Dessert & Cocktail Party (12 photos)


Why should all the princesses have all the fun. Inspired by Snow White & The Huntsman, featuring sinful desserts and cocktails. Printables and styling by Squared Party Printables; cookies by Casey's Confections; "glass" candy by Vintage Confections.

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This is a real event that was styled for a girlfriend of mine. We figured why should the princesses have all the fun? With all the Snow White parties going around, we just had to put together something worthy of the Evil Queen. Inspired by the Snow White and the Huntsman movie.

The decor and edibles were based on the dark forest and feature lots of mirrors and bling. The cake is a chocolate cake studded with dark chocolate pomegranate seeds and topped with shards of glass from the Queen's broken mirror. Other desserts include Poisoned (candied) Apples, Blackberry Tarts, Black Forest Mousse and Mirror Cookies. Drinks included a Wild Hibiscus cocktail using Prosecco and hibiscus flowers in syrup, and a Poisoned Apple martini (not shown). We also set up a wooden box in which to place Snow's heart once she's caught.

Vendor Credits:
Printables & Styling - Squared Party Printables -
Cookies - Casey's Confections -
"Glass" Shards on Cake - Vintage Confections -

Printables available here:


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