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Baby Boy Brunch (43 photos)


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    I love the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Please let me know what you guys used to hang them from the ceiling? Thank you!

    • October 1, 2013 at 11:12AM
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    I really love your party!!!!! who made your your floral ? it is too cute

    • June 18, 2015 at 12:16AM
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When Velvet Events decided to take on a baby shower celebrating Judy Musgrave’s second child, we knew we had to come up with something extra special for mom. The birth of a child is a magical moment so we wanted to aim for a bit of a whimsical effect by adding live goldfish to our centerpiece flower arrangements, parasols hung upside down, and baby blue beads raining down from the ceiling. We incorporated bold and soft shades of baby boy blue as our main color and added soft pops of color to create a calm environment for all.

Our menu was a celebration of good things that come in small bundles.Our dessert table consisted of small bites of homemade ice cream, cookies,watermelon shooters, bites of Crème Brule and mini moon pies. We also teamed up with popular LA food truck Buttermilk, who pulled up on the premise and served their signature breakfast sandwiches, red velvet chocolate chip pancakes, and cinnamon French toast sticks. Just the right food to satisfy our mom-to-be’s brunch cravings, and of course we can’t forget to mention the Mama Mimosas bar for the guests to wash down their delicious bites. 

Some of our décor ideas featured do-it-yourself projects. Our centerpieces were made of glass fish bowls which contained a gold fish, and were adorned with baby blue hydrangeas. Each guest received a square clear box of animal crackers tied with a blue ribbon, which were made and decorated by hand. We also featured a onesie craft table in which each guest had the opportunity to customize their own onesie for baby Joshua.

--Design Concept & Décor: Jacky Ibarra/Velvet Events (

--Catering: The Buttermilk Truck (

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