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Teaparties, Tutus and Baby Dolls (45 photos)


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The party concept started from what she loves to do most in the whole wide world and that’s have a tea party with her dolls, in fact anything with her dolls.  She loves dolls!  After settling on the theme, I searched high and low for an invitation that would capture the spirit of the party.  To my surprise there is very little out there that captures the pretend play element of little girls having a tea party with their dolls.  AndersRuff to the rescue!!!   The only thing I knew for sure were the colors I wanted- hot pink, light turquoise and yellow. I then wanted to incorporate the classic silhouette design.  Adria created a silhouette likeness of Cailey and worked with me to perfect the invitation and other party printables based on the concept.  I can’t say enough good things about Adria and AndersRuff.  They are such talented ladies.  Hi Adria!


I wanted to create three different spaces for the party - a tea party area for the girls, a tea party area for the dolls and a dressing area.  Over the course of four months I gathered teacups, teapots, and knick knacks but one of my favorite finds was a child’s vanity found on Craigslist that was covered in various layers of nail polish and stickers.  I was able to sand and repaint it.  The vanity was the perfect display for the faux pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and the frame with my new favorite quote, “Happy Girls are the Prettiest”.  I provided hot pink tutu’s and white tank tops to each of the girls.  I was elated to stumble upon flower pins in the dollar bin at Michael’s which look absolutely adorable on the girls’ shirts.  Since guests were requested to BYOD (Bring Your Own Doll), it was important to me that the dolls play a major role in the party and incorporating the matching tutus and shirts for the dolls was a HUGE hit!  I even had miniature birthday hats made for the dolls that mimicked the hats for the girls. 
I was able to complete one DIY project and that was the crepe paper rosette ball.  It adds a bright pop of yellow to the table and I love the way it turned out.

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