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Priest's travel anniversary (46 photos)


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This was for a 40th anniversary celebration for Father in the preisthood. When the commitee met the first time I knew right away what the theme should be. He loves to travel anywhere and everywhere! In his travels he takes amazing photographs. So of course it had to be a travel theme. It all came together so wonderfully. I had vintage cameras from my father-in-law, he loved to take picture too. Then others in the church had added to the collection. We had one for every table. Along with travel books for people to look through. I got beautiful quotes and scriptures with pictures from and I glued these qoutes and scriptures on cardstock with a skewer cut in half sandwich between the qoute and cardstock. Then the skewer went into a globe coin bank, from US Toys. I them and thought thought they looked like placecard holders. Also vintage globes and maps of the world which everything set on top of.

My husband helped me make the pom-poms while we watched a movie together. Martha Stewart made it very easy for us, I go them online.

The streamer I made from glow-in-the-dark mini frisbees, stapled the streamers to the frisbee, tied three strings of fishing line to the frisbee (so it would balance out right) then made a loop out of all three strings of fishing line to hang it.

My mom and I made the cake too. I was told to make it big enough to feed 300. I was huge! I had so much fun make it with my mom. She thought I was crazy when I came up with the carmels for the corners on the luggage. Then I said I wanted to put a camera on it too. It worked just fine.

We had a candy bar with assorted candies. The backdrop to the candy bar were inflatable globes from US Toys hung with fishing line.

Everybody had a great time. Father was so taken back. He walked to every table and looked at the cameras.

Just thought I would share because there are not a lot Priest anniversary celebration party ideas out there. What better place to share than the Hostess with the Mostess, best site ever!





Blue Springs, MO
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