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Red Rabbit Birthday Party (37 photos)


Balloon Invitations

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A korean first birthday party (Dohl), featuring a Red Rabbit theme. 

The korean first birthday is a large event with many traditional elements.  We wanted to keep the event fun and light-hearted with the decor and design.  We also wanted to preserve some of the traditions so that the meaning behind them would remain relevant.  The decor features a large head table, adorned with fruits and desserts.  The birthday boy was born in the year of the Rabbit so this animal provided the theme of the party.  We brought in Spring Time elements, with wheatgrass, bright colors and flowers.  All paper goods and invitations also had a rabbit motif.

All of the tables were decorated with similar decor elements as the head table.  Table numbers were anchored by large, oversized red balloons which all of the kids in attendance got to bring home. 

The main event at the korean first birthday is the Dohl Jahbi where the birthday boy grabs an object from a table.  The objects on the table each represent some sort of future for the child.  The birthday boy's mother actually made the plush toys by hand and we displayed these for the guests before the Dohl Jahbi.  The guests also participated in a raffle where they had to guess what the birthday boy would choose.




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