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Summer Watercolor Popsicle Party (16 photos)


Summer Watercolor Popsicle Party

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For our Summer Watercolor Popsicle Party, we've partnered with the HOPEfull company, They provide products and recipes for nutritious popsicles for those (mainly children) who are undergoing chemotherapy or just have trouble eating due to medical issues.

We created this "Summer Yum" popsicle stand, with beautiful watercolor painting decorations to give it an extra breezy summery feel. Our "customers" were treated to home made popsicles displayed on the recessed panels of a vintage wooden door... turned table. We also provided ice water and sweets for the thirsty passersby. We also offered customers a "sneak peek" recipe for the HOPEfull company's yummy popsicles! The recipe cards also noted where one could go to purchase their own fabulous popsicle making kit.

The kids wanted to donate any money earned at their stand to our family's favorite charity, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, to help find a cure for their Auntie Rita.

This printable party is available at, visit us on facebook, pinterest and twitter.


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