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Lilia's Baby Bhower (8 photos)


I made a chevron pennant banner with a simple home printer, cardstock paper and ribbon.

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People don't have baby showers in Switzerland, but having lived in the US for several years I was familiar with this lovely and fun tradition, so I offered to throw one for my sister in law before the arrival of my nephew, and she excitedly said yes.

She isn't a girly-girl and tens to go for very minimal details, so I wanted to keep the palette and decor simple. I went for all-white, with touches of light blue (of course, it's a boy!) and lavender.

I made several miniature desserts, like mini-pies in 3 different flavors and cupcakes, as well as a sunny and juicy summer fruit salad and a mild blueberry cake to cater to the mom's taste, since she compained that she isn't very much into sweet foods these days. I also served a quiche and prepared a cheese platter accompanied by gourmet breadsticks for a touch of savory.

Since the idea was for it to be a sort of tea party, I kept the drinks simple: coffee/decaf, Early Grey or Vanilla Rooibos for tea aficionados and water or virgin sangria for those who prefer cold drinks while eating.

We followed the food with gifts, and then each guest was given a baby onesie and fabric colors to create something special and unique for the baby.

Zurich, Switzerland
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