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A Number Party (9 photos)


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Our son Ethan is Autistic and LOVES numbers more than anything!  For close to a year, he had been asking for a "number party" and we knew that we would have to figure out how to do that for his 5th birthday party.  
Because this theme isn't something you can just buy at the store, we literally had to make everything up as we went along.  
One of the first things we did was print out a ton of banners and signs and wrote numbers on them, which everyone seemed to love.  All of the water bottles were personalized with number labels, as well.  We took Ethan's foam numbers and hung them from the fireplace mantle using yarn and curtain rings.  I didn't get many pictures of the food, but there were mini sandwiches cut out into the shapes of numbers, crackers with imprinted numbers, and of course, I made him a large number "5" cake and lined it with number candles.  
Every light fixture downstairs was dripping with paper numbers, which Ethan was thrilled about!  
More pictures and info can be found on my blog:

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