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Tuck Shop Dessert Table (14 photos)


Brown sugar holds up delicious S'mores.

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To celebrate their 25th anniversary, a Toronto couple decided to throw a party themed around the place they met - Summer Camp. In keeping with the theme, Sweet Design Company created a Tuck Shop Dessert Table.

We started by designing a logo for the event in silver blue and brown and then built the table around those colors. We also included natural elements associated with camp for authenticity. A giant vase was filled with various sizes of pine cones, wrapped with twine and set on top of a faux tree stump. Small slices of birch brances were used to display individual mini cupcakes. Large frames covered in strips of wood provided the bases for 2 candy display units. We also used lots of Kraft paper, the go-to decor of choice at every camp, for wrapping risers and candy bags. 

To match silver lanterns used to light the party at night, we created cake pedestals from galvanized buckets with faux grass bases. Bunting in different colors with rough hand painted letters provided a colorful backdrop to the table. The final camp touch was a pair of owls standing watch at each end of the table.

For the Tuck Shop we used the kind of candy the couple ate as teenagers when their romance started. Items like Pop Rocks, Pixie Sticks, carmels, licorice, bubble gum, jelly beans, sour keys, Smarties and Fun Stix were piled into glass jars. Tootsie pops in a variety of flavours were displayed on risers.

Maple leaf sugar cookies on a stick, wrapped with blue twine were a big favorite. Other desserts like butter tarts, whoopie pies in chocolate and pumpkin, chocolate chip and crinkle cookies, and blueberry and lemon tarts were all a nostalgic reminder of sweet treats from the dining hall on a hot summer day. 

Last but not least - it wouldn't be camp without s'mores? Giant chocolate dipped marshmallows were topped with graham cracker crumbs and displayed in jars of brown sugar. Here's to s'more years of sweet love and fun!


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