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Butterfly Party (32 photos)


Vintage Butterfly Party

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COLORS: pastel pink, pale yellow, Martha Stewart blue, mint green & lavender

SETTING: My front courtyard with my daughter’s favorite tree serving as a backdrop.

• I found these adorable white butterflies and was determined to find a way to hang them from the trees! So after a few coats of spray paint, I decided to make floral mobiles and hung them and the butterflies above the dessert table.
• The amazing ruffle garlands were created by one and only Jenny of Hank and Hunt.
• Butterfly yard signs adorned with lace and ribbon circled the table and doily back happy birthday garlands were also strung from the tree.
• All the lace tablecloths were sewn to create a layered effect.
• Cork board was wrapped with floral fabric and used as platters for the desserts.

FAVORS: Goody bags with “thanks for fluttering with us” tags

• Fairy Costumes: Halo Heaven
• Flower Headbands: The Little Pea
• Linens: Mandi Jackson
• Photography: Jon and Melissa Smith
• Printables and Styling: Love The Day
• Ruffle Garland: Hank And Hunt
• Cake: Rene Takes The Cake
• Sweet Treats: City Sweets (Lemon Curd Tarts, Blueberries Pies, Cupcakes, Chocolate Mousse, Marshmallows, & Dipped Cookies)


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