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Movie Night - A Father's Day Celebration (45 photos)


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Father's Day is a big deal in our home.  My husband is an avid movie lover so this year I decided to celebrate his day with a Movie Night themed celebration with his closest friends.

I decided to set up two areas for the party, one with Movie Posters and the other a Movie Lobby Snack Bar. I started with printing several of his favorite movie posters as a backdrop. I also dressed up some store bought cupcakes to look like popcorn buckets. One of my favorite details are the movie reels I used for cupcake holders.  I dressed them up with a film strip of photos of my husband.

I had the most fun tying movie titles, quotes and characters to items at our snack bar. We served "Nacho Libre" Nachoooos!, "Goodfella's" Pizza and "Major League" Hot Dogs. We had "Luigi's Spare Tires, "You made me bleed my own blood" Dodgeballs and "Fast Five" Tire Tread along with "Children of the Kettle Corn".  To drink we had "Sucker Punch", "El Mariachi's (From Desperado) Coronas and "Captain Jack's" Rum and Coke.

I created the awning with vinyl and the backdrop with party streamers.  The hot dog machine was a huge hit! I have a feeling it will make an appearance at several parties in our near future.  The movie theater style popcorn maker added the perfect ambiance to the "Theater Lobby".  The snack bar was stocked with all of my husbands favorite treats (except the black licorice, that is one of my favorites). We also had AMAZING cookies by our favorite cookie baker, Casey's Confections. Whoppers and Junior Mints are my hubby's favorites. Cookies that look like other goodies are always fun!

As you can see, we had a wonderful day celebrating a WONDERFUL Husband and Father!



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