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You Can't Handle the Tooth {Boy Tooth Fairy Playdate} (11 photos)


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In our house, bedtime stories are all boy and stories about the Tooth Fairy are no different. When my 5 year old's tooth became wiggly, mama told him a story about a really tall Tooth Fairy, called the Rock. He was a great hockey player and often knocked out teeth on the hockey rink. By night, he was the real Tooth Fairy, flying into little boys (and girls) rooms and taking their teeth and giving them a certificate and money. 

So when that first tooth came out, you can imagine my little one's excitement and mama's shock when he requested a Tooth Fairy cupcake party. Mama said, "no problem honey, I'll pick up cupcakes" - his response, "It needs decorations mama, i don't see any". LOL, I've created a little party monster (secretly I'm thrilled). I created this little playdate set up for Malik and his sweet little friends (and brother). 

Theme: You Can't Handle the Tooth! 

Printables: By Deliciously Darling Events (using my favoriate font: Sketch Rockwell - created by Jenn of HWTM)

Cupcakes: Jilly's Cupcakery

Cupcake Stand: Delightlyfuly Lovley 


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