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First Birthday Samantha's GLAMermaid Soiree (50 photos)


A cake fit for a "GLAMermaid!" The flavors were pina colada and buttery almond with gum paste sea shells. The design was actually a wedding cake option from Publix. We asked them to change the colors and VIOLA!

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Before our little Samantha was even born, we just knew she was going to be a red head like the rest of the women in our family! Our suspicisions were right and this gregarious, charming and inquisitive little red head soon took a liking to water! We started to call her "our little mermaid" as she was our real life version of everyone's spunky and spirited mermaid, Ariel. She adores the backyard pool and the beach so we could not think of a more perfect theme than "GLAMermaid!" Even though Sammie is a water baby, she's very intrigued by all things sparkly and shiny so we had to incorporate bling somewhere into this nautical theme. Ariel was obessessed with her glitzy treasure so that needed to make a debut as well.

We knew the venue would be our backyard pool in Savannah as it's our home and where we spent many of our days. Since we were expecting so many people however, furniture rental was a must. We rented several high and low cocktail tables to place on the deck, chairs for all to have a place to sit and be comfortable and two topiaries for decoration. The rest of the items were household components that we just repurposed or "glammed' up with linens. The chair covers were purchased from BBJ Linen in gold so they can be repurposed again for another event. We had the green linens from an after Christmas sale and thought the green and purple color scheme not only represented a siren from the sea but evoked a rich and royal atmosphere as well.

Since we had so many age groups attending the party, the menu was carefully planned to please all palattes. The food was traditional lunch time fare with flair that we "jazzed up" with nautical names. Menu items included "Seaweed Dip" in Sour Dough Bread Bowl with Sea Salt Pita Chips, Pasta Shell Salad, Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Apricot Chutney, Applewood Wrapped Bacon Scallops, and Chicken of the Sea Tenders with Home-made Honey Mustard, etc. For the adults, we of course offered a signature cocktail, the "Aquamarine." This was a mixture of Sparkling wine, blue curacao, and pineapple juice garnished with a Swedish Fish.

The featured dessert was our two-tiered Pina Colada Poseidon cake along with a sea-themed sweets buffet. The guests took "treasure boxes" and filled them not only with candy but small treasures scattered around the yard that they were enocouraged to take home. We hid gold coins, brass keys, pearl necklaces, glass seashells, books and other various trinkets-n-treasures and proposed that all our guests take some time out to hunt for treasure! Both children and adults delighted in this. We also offered brightly colored giant bubble wants as take home favors for all. Before the party conculded, we asked that everyone take a gold coin and throw into our mermaid's wishing well with a wish of good heatlh, happy life or lots of laughter for our dear Samantha in the year's to come.



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Sandy Dostal Thornton
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