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Art Theme Birthday Party (28 photos)


Art Party

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This fun art party I styled was based on the five primary colors. Since the event would be hosted outside, the client wanted to keep the decor more simple. Since my client had already chosen her invite, I worked to match her invite colors. I first started off my creating a long paper chain  in the primary colors to string across the back fence. I took a wooden art easel and strung the same fabric garland across the bottom and wrote in " Welcome to Penelope's Art Studio". I also included a simple chalkboard sign on the front door to direct guest towards to the backyard. I then lined the back cover porch with two table clothes where the children would be painting to add a little extra color and to avoid staining the floors. I set up a table on the side where guest would place their gifts. I had a white matte frame on the table with a rainbow ink pad where guest could leave their thumbprint  signature. I also included the birthday girls 2year old picture displayed as well.  On the dessert I strung a fabric garland in the front. I hung two large tissue pom poms that were in the five primary colors. I lined up five balloons in the same primary colors back the back ground of the dessert table. I had 6 inch round cake made decorated in various fondant size polka dots and a big fondant number 2 on the top. The inside of the cake was layered in four of the primary colors we used. I had marshmallow pops topped with sprinkles, rice krispie dipped in color on a stick to resemble a paint brush, art palette shaped cookies, fruit skewers, cupcakes place on a actual wooden art palette, and rainbow color gumballs in a jar for extra color. I used mini art easel as dessert labels and to tie into the theme. On the activity table, I used mason jars and filled them up with crayons and tied a quick raffla ribbon to the top. I lined up the party favors which were sand pails in the five primary colors filled with a oversize tshirt to use as a smock, paint colors, and brushes. I laid the 8x10 canvas in front of each pail. On the side of the painting, I filled mini clear containers with fruit loops and place a big roll of red yarn with a side to make your own fruit loop necklaces.

Party Style By : Thuy Bui


Cake: Merritt's Bakery , Tulsa, OK.

Fabric Garland: Spiffy Monkey

Pom Pom: Simply Nesting

Cupcakes: Sam's Club

Fondant Polka Dots & Topper: Top It Cupcakes

Art Palette Cookies: Iron in the Fire , Tulsa, OK.

Birthday Invitation and Favor Tag:

Photography by : Trisha Jimenez with TG Photography




Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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