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Western Cowboy Party - Allergy Free (31 photos)


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This fall we celebrated my nephew’s second birthday with a western cowboy party. My sister had a couple different ideas in mind but eventually settled on the theme since he loves his rocking horse and the vintage Red Ryder Horse we have at our house.

Creating a dessert table can be a little tricky when the guest of honor has an egg and peanut allergy. Since cakes often have eggs we went for pie instead.  My sister found a wonderful road side stand that sold homemade pies and was able to order them with no egg wash. I made the s’more pops using oversize and regular marshmallow and we put my mom in charge of the haystacks. She substituted the peanut butter for sun-butter {made from sunflower seed} it surprisingly tasted the same.

Each buckaroo received there own cowboy hat and survival kit {s’mores} as a party favor

The kids were entertained in true cowboy fashion with a shooting range – nurf guns and tin cans, pony rides via the rocking horse and vintage Red Rider Pony, plus a camp fire


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