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Cherry Themed Twin Baby Shower (18 photos)


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Cherry Themed Twin Baby Shower

My girlfriends and I threw a baby shower for one of our best friends who is having twins!  We decided on a cherry theme because cherries are fun, vibrant in color, and typically come in pairs! Our mommy-to-be and guest of honor is having twin girls so we chose to use both red and pink for our color scheme.

Easy DIY Invitations

Of course I couldn’t BUY the invitations! I had to make them myself!

Party Favors

I found these cute little baskets and filled them with a liner and round red chocolate candies.  I simply made a label on my computer that said, “Double the Sweetness”, printed them, and used ribbon and cardstock in pink, red, and green to embellish each basket.  We had a favor at each place setting and scattered a few on the buffet table.

Food and Drink

We wanted the shower to be casual and fun so we decided to serve a buffet and had each guest help themselves.  I made signs for the drink table outside.  One for the guest of honor’s sweet tea craving and one for the Champagne punch.  I also made simple signs to “Please Help Yourself” so that guests would know they did not have to wait to dig in.  Instead of having a messy fruit bowl, I made individual fruit cups with cupcake liners and used a circular craft punch to line them with foil.  For dessert we had red velvet and chocolate cupcakes with two cherries on top.


Outside we hung a clothing line with pairs of matching clothes for the twin babies. The game prizes doubled as centerpieces and graced each table with two “twin” balloons to represent two cherries.  Small pink and red lanterns were hung in pairs with green ribbon to look like giant cherries.  We also had a cherry themed shirt made for the guest of honor to wear at the shower.

Baby Shower Game and Prize Idea

One of the games we played  is called the dice game.  For this game, all you need is five or more prizes, a pair of dice, and a plate.  The game is timed, typically fifteen minutes.  Each guest takes turns rolling the dice one time per turn.  If you roll doubles, you take one wrapped gift. The gifts are not unwrapped until the game ends. Once all the gifts are taken, the gift stealing begins! If you roll doubles, you continue to take a gift until the allotted time ends.  It’s possible for one guest to end up with more than one gift.
Instead of using a gift bag and tissue paper, I wrapped each gift in a small picnic basket and used a cherry dish cloth to cover or hide the gift. Also, these prizes double as table centerpieces, cutting the cost of the party!


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