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Georgia Peach 1st Birthday Party (3 photos)


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 Party Details:
My daughter's name is Georgia and we always call her our little Georgia Peach, so what better theme for her first birthday party than just that? It was crazy hot that day, but there was a bit of a wind storm that frazzled my decorations and thankfully kept everyone from fainting! Most of the party was DIY, and I took advantage of borrowing tables and tablecloths from people I knew to keep it all affordable.
I put peaches on dollar store candlesticks with 1 candle stuck in them, and roses on each table for simple centerpieces. I also made food labels, but there was no way the wind was going to allow those to stay down! I made all of the cozies for the mason jars and the banner across the windows too.
I love the Korean Dol tradition, so I incorporated it into our party- even though we are no where near being Korean! Everyone had fun guessing what Georgia would be. The winner won a small peach themed stationary kit.
We had peach cupcakes with peach cream cheese frosting. My cousin made an adorable ruffle cake that Georgia really dove into!
Overall, even with the heat, everyone had a lot of fun. We kept the party well under $200 for 35 people, and that helped us relax and have fun after the party too!


Vendor Credits & Resources: All of the vendors I worked with were pretty amazing and really helped me stay in my budget via haggling, coupons and deal of the day websites. You will also noticed that I borrowed a TON, so I'm grateful to everyone that let me pillage their stuff.
Location: My apartment complex's little courtyard
Invitation and Thank You's: Tickled Peach Studio
Banner: made by me
Windows: Thrifted
Lace table cloths: Mostly from Scott's Grandma Chapman, but some from my mom and some were lace curtains I bought at DI and used as table cloths. The lace behind the windows were borrowed from Anna.
Plastic table cloths under the lace ones: Dollar Store
Mason Jars: On hand, borrowed, and bought at DI
Mason Jar lids: Mindy Mae's Market
Paper Straws: Pretty Sweet Stuff
Jar wraps and rose tags: Made by me
Ruffled Crepe Paper: The Gilded Bee
"Career" Tags and sign: Made by me
Raffle Tickets: Zurchers
Roses: Costco
Candlesticks: Dollar Store
Peaches: Costco
Balloons: Zurchers
Tables: Borrowed from my MIL, my mom, and Judy
Chairs: South Davis Rental
Bowls, plates, forks, and extra tumbler cups: Dollar Store
Water Jug:  Borrowed from my mom: Costco
Cupcake Liners: Michaels via Paula Deen
Bags: Celestial Gifts
Screen printed by Scott
Peach Rings: Smith's
Tea bags: Celestial Peach Passion Herbal Tea
Stationary set for the winner of the raffle: Michaels via Paula Deen
Chicken croissant sandwiches: Made by me
Pasta salad: Made by me
Strawberry spinach salad: Made by my MIL
Potato salad: Made by my SIL
Peach cupcakes: Made by me using this recipe
Cake: Made by my talented cousin, Cami
Georgia's Dress: Baby Gap (via ebay)
Georgia's Bow (not that she would keep it on during the party...): Simply Swoon
Photography: Anna Alyse Photography


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