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Classic Children's Book Baby Shower (50 photos)


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I know it is totally weird to plan your own baby shower, but with my mom and best friend living out of state and my sister living out of the country, I figured I would be the best choice for the job and that I could get a lot of help from my local friends and family. I have always wanted to have a “Classic Children’s Book-Inspired Baby Shower” since I have a degree in Illustration and have been collecting beautifully illustrated children’s books for years. I wanted to start a collection for my soon-to-be-born daughter (who we are going to name “Aria”) so I figured a book-themed shower would get us on the right track.

I tried to bring the theme into the entire party. From the welcome sign outside our studio that was very “Seussy” in feel to the cookie favors, there was no shortage of nods to Classic Children’s Books. For the guest tables, I chose my favorite authors and themed tables around their books. There was a Dr. Seuss table, a Beatrix Potter table, an Eric Carle table and a Little Golden Book table. Each table featured flowers, linens and favors to compliment the author’s collection. I even made little fabric pockets to hold the napkin, game cards, plastic silverware, a pen, and even a little sachet bag of candy to serve as BINGO game pieces.

Since I am a florist, of course the flowers were one of my favorite parts of the shower. My staff helped make each table really feel like the author’s literature was coming to life. The Beatrix Potter table featured kale, branches and soft colors that were a nod to her watercolor illustrations. The Eric Carle table was bright and bold and we used textural flowers and specialty roses to capture the paper collage look of his books. The Dr. Seuss table was decorated with flowers that felt like Truffula Trees, topsy-turvy vases, bright colors and funky shapes with the asymmetry and wackiness that embody Dr. Seuss’ books. Wheat grass, daisies and other simple blooms were used to capture the simplicity of The Little Golden books collection. Each flower combo, along with the table number, toy props, linens, fabric pockets and cookies worked perfectly to complete the look.

The games included a Baby Word Jumble, a Baby Song game, and Baby Shower BINGO (guests write down what gifts they think mommy-to-be/baby will get and as she opens them they mark their BINGO cards with candy.) We also had a fun activity for guests to complete—a DIY onesie station that featured a suitcase of blank onesies, a suitcase of fabric pieces with iron-on adhesive on the back and an ironing station. Guests picked a onesie, then fabrics (they could use pre-cut pieces/shapes or cut out their own) and then all they had to do was iron them onto the onesie and hang on the clothing line. I was so happy with how they turned out—I have a lot of talented friends and family!

Those same talented friends and family also provided a lot of the food and beverages for the shower in addition to Chicago Cupcakes who made arguably the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! My guests raved about them! To tie the food back into the Classic Children’s Book theme, I made up cute names for a lot of the food. Included in the mix was “Fruit Salad (made with leftovers from a Very Hungry Caterpillar)” and there was also “Chicken Little Salad Sandwiches”, “Green Egg Salad and Ham Sandwiches”, “Harold’s Purple Crayon Surprise”, and “Veggie Pizzas (made with vegetables from Mr. McGregor’s Garden)”. It was so fun to name the food and the guests loved the little touches like that.

I am so lucky to have had such a great group of friends and family to help me put this shower together. I had the best time and everyone loved the theme and all of the little touches.


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