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Jet Pack Joyride Birthday (5 photos)


Cake pops of heads with brown hair, green mohawks, and black glasses.

Sylwia Ok In this photo:
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I have an Autistic son who decided he wanted his birthday party to be styled after one of his favorite video games.  I had to be careful, because even though there is a lot going on in the video game, my son can only handle so much visual stimulation.  So I went to task to pull out what were his favorite parts and pieces of the game and it turned into a really fun table/party to put together.  There was just the right amount of decoration for him to be excited, but not too much as to overwhelm his senses!  The first thing I started with was a front to a crate to replicate the crates stacked in the background of the game.  My husband then made the "jetpack" from a design I found on Pintrest.  I contacted the welding teacher at our local highschool and had one of the studets design a custom machine/industrial cake stand just for the party.  The new, washed, unused gas can was what I put the drinks in.  Individual Gatorade bottles with the labels and lids off where used for the drinks with striped paper straws for an extra touch of fun.  The shirts and glasses, as well as the cookies, and cake pops with glasses represent the main character.  The motorcycle (hog) and shark fin cupcakes refer to a couple of different style of vehicles you can aquire in the game, and the green mohawk was the favorite hair style of my son.  The gold balloons are for the gold coins you get to collect while playing the game to purchase additional vehicles, hair styles, clothing, etc.  Each boy got to keep a t-shirt and glasses as well as a small goody bag that I had put together.  We had the party at a local indoor bounce house and it was a huge success.  Everyone who had seen the game knew right away what everything meant and my son is still wearing the jetpack!

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