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Hunger Games Birthday (5 photos)


Flame topped cupcakes, candy rocks, apples, and more flowers.

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The Hunger Games series are a huge hit and this pre-teen girl was no exception.  She had picked the perfect location outside to have her birthday party and it was up to us to design the desert table.  The first thing I did was read all three books!  We then incorporated as much as we could to represent all three books and dynamic differences of the characters Katniss and her sister Primrose.  For the food we had cream cheese croissants, french bread, fruit filled wafflcones, poisonous berry shortcakes, full size cupcakes with butter crem frosting and fondant flames and mini cupcakes with butter cream frosting and fondant primrose flowers.  We went with the casual theme and apothocary look with the flowers using, queen annes lace, scabiosa, red peonies, and orange dahlias.  We decorated the table with candy rocks, peppermints, brass boxes, a pair of deer antlers, and a deer skull.  We tried to pull in something from Katniss' life in District 12 and from The Capitol throughout the entire series.  I was told that one guest called it "the best party of the whole year"!  The poisonous berry shortcakes and the fruitfilled wafflecones (cornocopias) are not pictured but you can find the recipes on Pintrest.  I did take a lot of ideas from Pintrest, and the printables I found online.  I did not design any of the printable myself.

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