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Pink + Zebra Print Minnie Mouse Inspired Birthday (49 photos)


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This party was in celebration of Kayla's 1st Birthday Party for which 150 family and friends gathered for a June barbecue in Brooklyn, NY . The inspiration behind it came about from Kayla's love for Minnie Mouse. I designed both the dessert table and wall decors that adorned the white walls of this venue. The chosen color palette was Hot Pink, Light pink, black and white which we paired with the Zebra Print Pattern which made for a bright and fun theme for a girl's birthday party. 

Centerpieces: I designed two Black Minnie Mouse Silhouette Centerpieces which stood on each side of the table. These two centerpieces were made out of black yarn which was twitsted around wood hoops and embellished with a big hot pink ribbon bow in the middle. These centerpieces stood in a white vase with black shredded paper and two Minnie Mouse printables on sticks that read "Kayla" and "1" which were placed at the corner end of the table.

DIY Wall Decor: I also created two large Minnie Mouse silhouettes heads which I made using 3 hula hoops (1 large and 2 small) and covered them all around with black tape then joint them together. I also made 3 small Minnie mouse silhouettes heads out of black felt sew them together and embellished with a pink ribbon bow in the middle. Both were easy to make and added a special touch of "Minnie" to the walls.

Dessert table: The dessert table was dressed in a black linen and adorned with a hot pink banner in front the read "Happy Birthday". The sweets were created by Sprinkle Parade and consisted of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, mini red velvet cupcakes, mini sugar cookies, custom Minnie mouse cookies, cake pops, rice krispie pops, gumballs, sixlets, swizzle sticks.  Also on display were the super Pink Polka Dots and Zebra Print Chocolate Covered Oreos by Sweet Temptations. She choose to have it paired with her her desired to use have it combined with a Pink + Black/White Zebra Print as the color palette.

Entertainment: The kids received some cute zebra print goodies bags and were entertained by Ding-A-Ling with music, face painting, clown and the Mickey and Minnie characters which made an super fun apperance towards the end of the party.

Vendor Resources:

Concept, Styling and Execution: Sarah of Dreamers Joy Events & Design (

Minnie Mouse Centerpieces and Minnie Silhoutte wall decor by Sarah De Jesus

Event Set Up Assistants: Michelle Bernard and Maximo Polanco

Invitation, Banner and Printables: Tamecka  of Honeyprint (

Cake: Laury Saldana of There Should Always Be Cake (

Cupcakes, mini sugar cookies, cake pops, rice krispie pops: Arlene St. Hilaire of Sprinkle Parade (

Pink Polka Dots + Zebra Print Chocolate Covered Oreos: Janet Moreno of Sweet Temptations ( 

Entertaintement: Face Painting, Cotton Candy, Characters by Ding-A-Ling

Photography by Sarah De Jesus


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