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Couture Wedding Invitations (5 photos)


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Wedding invitations are an important detail of any wedding. It’s the first impression of a wedding. It establishes the formality and tone for an event. No pressure, right??
Honestly, as I was researching invitation ideas, I felt a little overwhelmed. There were so many options out there, but none of them really stood out to me. Finally, I decided to look up invitations that were completely out of my price range, wedding invitations of the rich and famous. As I was clicking through numerous images and websites of invitation couture, I realized a very apparent trend in this fabulous stationary – the 3D invitation, also known as the boxed invitation.
I knew instantly I had to have this for my wedding, but the prices were outrageous and with 250 wedding guests, I just couldn’t fit this into my budget. That’s when I decided to put my creativity and research skills to work and come up with a way to make these beauties myself. Thanks to a few wholesale websites and a group of amazing friends who helped me assemble, I was able to have the couture wedding invitations I wanted and they didn’t break the bank.
I love these boxed invitations. They make guests feel special, like they’re unwrapping a gift! I will be using this idea for future parties and events!

Sacramento, California
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