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Neverland Pirates Party (27 photos)


Neverland Pirates Party from Two Sugar Babies

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    Hi, I was curious to know where you purchased the drink dispensers from?

    • August 29, 2014 at 1:45AM
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This is my son's Jake and the Neverland Pirates" party for his 4th birthday. Kelly of The Party Dress and WHHostess assisted me
in planning this party and I think we stayed true to our theme of
throwing a stylized character party. We carried a modern pirate theme
throughout the party, using graphic patterns of aqua blue waves, red
and white skull and bones, blue and white stripes (from Jake's ship
sail) and also a red pirate ship silhouette. Then we added elements of
Neverland with pirate hooks (Captain Hook is Keaton's favorite
character), red feathers, and a couple of character silhouettes.
We came up with a few distinct displays for the party: the dessert
table, a buffet table centerpiece, a drink table, and a Kid's area,
including a Neverland Pirates dress-up station, games and personalized
favors. For the dessert table, Kelly had a custom piece of fabric made
to use as the backdrop featuring the aqua wave pattern and the pirate
ship. She also made personalized cupcake toppers, coordinating cupcake
wrappers and "sails" for the cake pops. I updated cupcakes from our
favorite bakery with sprinkles to match the party, and added character
elements by making fondant Tinkerbell wings, a red feather, a pirate
hook, and a pirate flag. I also created edible image cookie toppers in
the party patterns, fondant treasure maps for brownies, and fondant
gold doubloons to cover the front of chocolate covered oreos. One of
my favorite elements of the party was the 3 tier cake I created using
the patterns from the party, and red feather and pirate hook cake
toppers, which I personalized with Keaton's name and a "4".
For the buffet table centerpiece, I originally wanted to use "ship in
a bottle" pieces in some way, but Kelly and I came up with a modern
interpretation: I spray painted a toy ship, pirate hook and a green
Peter Pan sword solid, bold colors and placed them inside large jars
with sand on the bottom. I stacked them on custom stained wooden boxes
and scattered bright jewels, gold doubloons, pearls, and necklaces to
complete the pirate ship look and feel.
The drink table backdrop was also one of my favorite elements. I made
banners using twine and WHHostess patterned papers, and added a lime
green "K" to a pirate ship wheel as the focal point. It's something
Keaton can use in his bedroom! I displayed "Tinkerbell Iced Tea" and
"Pirate Punch" in large drink dispensers, and filled a pirate chest
with loads of "treasure" to finish the display.
The Kid's Area was the highlight of the party. I used character
silhouettes I made and a custom "Dress like a Neverland Pirate" sign
made by Kelly to frame the dress up area, where the kids used to
pirate hooks, eye patches, pirate hats, red sashes, compasses, toy
telescopes and treasure maps to transform themselves into Neverland
Pirates and go on a treasure hunt. I also built two different games to
entertain the kids: a treasure dig sandbox and Captain Hook's ring
toss. The kids were sent home with personalized gift bags filled with
gold doubloons, small bottles filled with pixie dust, Neverland
Pirates coloring pages, and the costume pieces in white gift bags with
personalized "Thank You" stickers.

pittsburgh, pa
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