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Twin Baby Shower (15 photos)


Twin Baby Shower

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This was a shower thrown by my family for my twins. I loved the idea of a Thing 1 Thing 2 shower, since we were having boy/girl twins, I wanted something gender nuetral. 

For the colors we went with Teal, Red and White, which are the mian colors of the "things". We served food that was inspired by several Dr. Suess book and had the guests guess which food was inspired by which book. All of the books used were centerpieces at the party, which later were given to the twins as a collection of Dr. Suess books! The cupcakes were little "things"; red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and blue cotton candy on top. [Note to other users: place cotton candy on cupcakes and then take pictures and serve IMMEDIATELY, all of the cotton candy melted before guests could enjoy the look and before we could snap a picture!]

We played a sock game where guests had to pair as many socks as they could in a minute, the game was a big hit and not your standard baby shower game.

Mission Viejo, CA
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