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Fireman Party~ Hero of the day! (35 photos)


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Our son, Madden, recently turned 3! To celebrate, he insisted on having a firefighter party! I love a good themed party, and I especially love throwing one! This party was no exception, and we had a blast with a group of thirty of our close family and friends. We wanted to have a real firetruck join the party at some point, but we lucked out entirely when we found a firetruck that makes PIZZA, dispenses lemonade, and has a photo booth on it!

Company 77 came to the party and we couldn't have been happier with the experience of hosting them at the big event. Their crew was FANTASTIC, and their menu was to die for! They served fun items such as "macaroni and cheese pizza," and they also included gluten free and dairy free menu items for special requests. And when the pizza was finished in the oven, it slid down the special pizza slide, where it was then sliced and served. What a neat presentation!

There was MORE than enough pizza. But we also served Salad (spinach, cranberries, toasted almonds & strawberry vinaigarette), Veggies and dip (Baby bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli florrets), and oodles and oodles of fun snacks and fantastic desserts.

On our snack table had all of Madden's favorite items, including White Chocolate Oreo Popcorn. I know, sounds super weird, and maybe even gross...But I kid you not, it is fantastic! And an easy crowd pleaser!

White Choc. Popcorn + Oreo Sprinkles
-Airpop 1 cup of kernels with 2 tbs oil
-Melt white chocolate in microwave for about 45 seconds, then stir. Microwave another 30 seconds and stir. *Any additional heat may cause the white chocolate to crumble and harden before it can be used. Be mindful of this, and remember to stir stir stir until it's a creamy blend of white chocolate. 
-Place popcorn on a foil lined table, and drizzle the white chocolate on top. 
-While the chocolate is still wet, add either crushed oreos, or the sprinkled oreos that you can buy at the store. (I can't remember where I bought mine, but when I do, I'll post it here). 
*Store in an airtight container and it will stay fresh for up to 6 days. 

On Madden's dessert table, we had all of his favorite goodies. He requested mini Red Velvet Cupcakes, large Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, his little dalmation cake, chocolate chip cookies, and "Dalmation Chow," (which was really just a bunch of Oreo Balls... Recipe for that on They are super easy and a MAJOR crowd pleaser!).

Guests found Licorice deemed as "Rescue Ropes," and Tootsie Rolls that read "Stop.Drop.Toostie Roll." The Lollipops had a monogrammed sticker on them that read, "M" and around the letter it said, "Madden is 3!" We made little brown baggies for guests to carry their treats home in. These bags had a photo of Madden that read, "Fireman Madden, Hero of the Day!"

It was a pleasant change having a party in the front yard, instead of the back yard. It was exciting to pull out the back yard furniture, and the patio table, picnic tables, and my blue kitchen chairs and place them all over the front yard. I started placing furniture in the yard a few days prior to the party...needless to say, some of my neighbors gave me quite a few funny looks. But it all came together so nicely in the end! And I LOVED having the party in the front yard! I may hafta do this more often! 

While guests snick-snacked and munched on Pizza, the kids ran wild! They were in and out of the photo booth taking hilarious pictures, on the backyard trampoline, on the swing set, in the playhouse, and in the midst of it all, they joined in on the only party game I had planned: "Put out the garage fire!"

I painted a cheesy version of "fire" onto cardboard and hung it up in front of our garage. I also hung up a balloon banner that was supposed to be "fire" for the big kids to aim at. We filled up hundreds of water balloons and placed them in a yellow bucket near the garage. We also filled a wagon with dry towels for fear they would get outta hand with the water balloons...and yet they managed to play the game without drenching one another.

In between all of their playing and squealing, they found a tea cart on the patio with a fire hydrant FULL of iced water, which allowed for them to rehydrate in a fun way- kids always love pouring their own drinks...why is that? Nonetheless, they loved it, and drank more water than they did lemonade. I was happy.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to my children always makes me tear up! At the same time, I'm thankful beyond words that I am able to celebrate yet another year of their life! What a special day it was! I hope he remembers it forever. I know I will! Happy Birthday, sweet Madden! We love you!



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