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Golf Par.Tee (30 photos)


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It was with so much joy and pleasure, that my sister asked me to work with her on my nephew, Mate’s first birthday.  We wanted something preppy and simple and so we decided on the golf par.tee theme.  I hope you enjoy veiwing the photos as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

The set up of this table is very simple and as you can tell, symmentrical…I am a sucker for symmetry!  When I was researching golf parties on Pinterest, I came across a cake that inspired the one I made.  I liked the idea of the grass top and the hole in one concept.  I used a shot glass to serve as an outline for the hole and frosted all around it and then lifted it off to leave the exposed chocolate cake.  I had never tried this grass frosting technique before, but I have to say it was quite easy and I love how it was carried through onto the cupcakes!

ll the little guests were asked to visit the ‘pro shop’ to pick up their birthday favor giveaways!  Each child got a set of clubs, a visor, some water and treats!

There are so many clever play on words that can be used in this theme, I used ‘cup’cakes, irons and woods and ’club’ sandwiches to name a few.  I used the golf tee again to display the sandwiches.  To further decorate the sandwiches, you could us some of the patterned paper that is included in the party package and wrap the sandwiches first and then pierce with the golf tee.

The birthday boy, Mate, pronounced m.ah.teh, was one of the happiest little golfers ever!  He is also one of the very few birthday boys that didn’t mind wearing his party hat for an extended period of time.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this party feature and possibly learned something new for you to create your own unique party table for your special kidlet!

If you are interested in this golf par.tee package or any other birthday themes, follow the link to my etsy shop!

Happy Celebrating!


Tania ~ Tania's Design Studio
Vancouver, WA
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