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Horse Themed 3rd Birthday Party at Zoomars (15 photos)


We customized our party hats. This adorable little girl looks great in pink.

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Fun day trip on the train for 3 year olds from  North San Diego to San Juan Capistrano. Kids and parents enjoyed all aspects of the old-school Zoomar's Petting Zoo in historic San Juan Capistrano.

Venue includes petting zoo, farm-hand led horse rides, gold mining, and  fre- play climbing stucture. They also have pint-sized trains for the kids to ride on. We also buried some rubber duckies in the corn pit (like a ball pit) for the kids to play with.

Zperfect Party decorated the picnic tables in blue and pink for the cowboys and cowgirls. We grilled hot dogs on the BBQ and provided "Giddy Up and Go" lunch pans and  snacks for the train ride home. Parents enjoyed  refreshing cesar salads and ice tea after their day on the farm.

Party favors included customized cowgirl and cowboy hats and scarves, sherriff badges and the most incredible  horse cake pops by Roni Sugar Creations and adorable  horse-themed rubber duckies.

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