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Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Inspired 1st Birthday Party (42 photos)


Custom made vintage strawberry party hats. Polkadot partyware from Shop Sweet Lulu!

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Working on this party was a dream come true for me. I always dreamed of the day when I would be blessed with a little girl so that I could revisit my childhood strawberry shortcake obsession! Since I am a lover of all things vintage and anything sweet, naturally I thought this theme would be perfect for my very own little shortcake, Abigail.

The color scheme was the traditional Strawberry Shortcake colors of red, pink, white, and green. I absolutely adored crafting all the handmade details that went into this party. I brought out my trusty sewing machine and started sewing the table runners and party streamer ruffle backdrop for the dessert table. I was so lucky to have found vintage strawberry shortcake fabric from the 80’s, it inspired me to make my daughter’s birthday dress resemble Strawberry Shortcakes dress, cute little apron and all. I designed and handmade her birthday party cone hat and headband out of this vintage strawberry fabric as well.

The invitations I designed, set the theme perfectly. I found a vintage strawberry shortcake birthday card, scanned it at high resolution and made her invitations out of that. My husband, who owns a print shop, printed and die cut the invitations to match the original birthday card shape. They came out simply adorable! The sweets were also so much fun to make. I channeled the inner baker in me and whipped up desserts to match each character, I also loved creating the matching labels. I absolutely ADORED how this party came out I can’t believe it’s over. I’m so glad it was captured on camera, so that we can relive this dream party over an over again. Enjoy!

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