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Fairwell Preschool Party (24 photos)


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Every year we throw a final farewell party for our graduating preschoolers. It's a great chance for them to see their friends since most of them will be attending different schools in the fall. Of course they'll schedule play dates throughout the year with their closest friends, but this was special since the entire class was there. We decided to give them school supplies as a final gift. Some could be used for kindergarten and others could be saved for next year or given to older siblings.

A definite crowd pleaser were the personalized crayons. Each child received a box with his or her name on the wrapper and box. They also received a pencil box, protractor, ruler, markers, colored pencils, composition tablet notebook, glue, glue sticks, and #2 pencils. All with custom labels and the name of each child's teacher just in case something gets lost.

We had a potluck style lunch where each family brought their child's favorite dish which made things especially memorable. Our menu ranged from 4 different PB&J sandwiches, coco puffs, mac and cheese, fish tacos, celery sticks with ranch dressing, Caesar salad, chicken nuggets, and watermelon slices.

I wanted to marry traditional elements of the classroom with modern technology. I used a lot of chalkboard elements with a welcome sign, the backdrop for the table, and the table top. I used bright colors, floppy disc tent cards, and jump drive hang tags to bring in the tech aspect.


Paper Clip Bins - Target

Printables - Cio Prints

Personalized Crayons - Cio Prints

Giant Pencils - Hobby Lobby

Various School Supplies - Target & Office Depot

Metal Lunch Boxes - Micheals Craft Store

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Cio Prints
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