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A Charlie Brown-Inspired Birthday (26 photos)


A Charlie Brown Inspired Birthday

  • evidencebyfran:

    This party is amazing! I would love to organise one for my brothers 21st birthday, he loooooves Charlie Brown. Do you have any printables?

    • August 25, 2011 at 7:14PM
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    • Thank you! We do have printables in our Here's a link to the Charlie Brown inspired items:

      • August 25, 2011 at 7:44PM
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J (aka Jeff), my husband, has always loved the Peanuts comic strip and I often say to him, “You’re a Good Man, Jeff Brown!” Since his birthday falls 2 weeks before Christmas, I try to make his celebrations extra special. With his permission, I included a little Christmas magic in the décor.

We wanted to honor Charlie Brown without going commercial. Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree wrapped in Linus’ blanket was the focal point of our buffet. The backdrop was inspired by the CD artwork from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The menu was inspired by the Peanuts characters and food served by Snoopy on the TV special, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Servingware included Snoopy’s dog dishes, Lucy’s football chip tray and comic strip snack cones. Comic strip word bubbles added a whimsical feel to the table.

We asked our guests to bring a dip with them in lieu of gifts and we provided the dippers--chips, pretzels, carrots, celery, crackers and cocktail toast.

J requested wings for his birthday. Woodstock was the perfect mascot perched atop a little tree.

We used 50’s-inspired colored lights on our Christmas tree this year and added comic strip garland. Comic strip paper chains and garlands and plush Peanuts characters were placed throughout the house. The fireplace was adorned with our Charlie Brown small banner and Peanuts votive candles.

The favors were inspired by the Christmas tree and Snoopy’s doghouse. We filled them with Snoopy fruit snacks and peppermint patties.

J and I created a "Charlie Brown and Peanuts Trivia Game." It was so fun to see the looks of bewilderment as our guests grasped for the answers!

The birthday boy had a fantastic time. He wore his new Charlie Brown t-shirt--a gift from his lovely wife--and thoroughly enjoyed his Charlie Brown cupcake!


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