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Orange and Yellow Sunshine Party! (15 photos)


Sunshine medallion / pinwheel wall using a mix of handmade medallions and store-bought tissue medallions

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We threw this sunshine party to celebrate my daughter Hazel's first birthday.  The party theme was just right for a warm summer afternoon, and Hazel really is a little sunshine so the theme was the perfect fit!  I wanted a party with lots of DIY and Etsy elements and I love the bright pops of orange and yellow throughout.  The DIY sunshine medallion wall was a big hit with the guests and really provided a stunning backdrop for the party table.   I think a sunshine party theme would work equally well for a baby shower or really any summertime gathering.  Here are the details on the different elements in case you want to throw your own.  

You can get more details and DIY tutorials on my blog at!

The Party Dress:
Hazel was shining bright from head to toe, thanks to Etsy.  I got her cute batik sunshine onesie from Peace Baby! Batiks, and her yellow and white polka dot bow from Sweet & Chic Bowtique. I paired them with an orange tutu she already had.

The Cake:
I decorated a lemon angel food cake with these great midcentury sunshine party sticks scattered in varying heights (from Etsy seller Peppermint Party).  I also covered the party table in a bunch of the orange and yellow midcentury sun confetti.

The Medallion Wall:
Bye bye tissue poms, hello medallions! I love this chic new arrival to the party scene.  I think this would make a "wow" backdrop for all types of parties, a wedding photo booth, you name it.  It was a fun DIY project to make the medallions using a mix of craft papers.  In a nutshell, I made them by cutting a band of paper 5-10 inches wide and folding it accordion style (the size of the fold can vary between 1/4" - 1"). I repeated this 3 times (using the same width of paper and same size of accordion folds). I then used double-sided tape to connect the 3 folded bands of paper and make a big tube.  Then voila! - I laid the tube flat so it fanned out into a medallion and secured with some staples and covered it with a center circle of pretty paper.  I then mixed in a few store-bought yellow and orange tissue paper fans to add further variety to the textures and colors on the wall.

DIY Canvas Art:
I wanted to add a little graphic touch to the party table and made these canvases inexpensively and easily using just stencils and craft paint.  You could put any saying on them you would like.  It's a nice alternative to a birthday banner.

Food and Favors:
For a new twist on the fruit skewer I stood a piece of pineapple and cantaloupe upright with the sun party sticks.  I purchased some yellow striped favor bags from TomKat Studio, filled them with candy, and then affixed a little sun confetti (also from Peppermint Party) with a little double-sided tape.  In addition, I made some quick 'faux macaroons' by sandwiching some lemon buttercream between two vanilla wafers and rolling them in yellow sprinkles.

This party was really so bright and cheerful.  I kept the medallions up on our dining room wall for a week because they were too pretty to take down! 

The Vendor List:
Sunshine onesie: Peace Baby! Batiks (Etsy)
Yellow hairbow: Chic & Sweet Bowtique (Etsy)
Midcentury sun confetti and party sticks: Peppermint Party (Etsy)
Medallion polka dot paper: Paper Source
Medallion floral paper: Snow and Graham
Orange and yellow tissue paper medallions:
Canvases, stencils and craft paint: Joann
Favor bags:

You can get more details and DIY tutorials on my blog at!

Haeley @ Design Improvised
Chicago, IL
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