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Simple Chic (15 photos)


Simple Chic: 62nd Bornday Celebration

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I'd never styled an event for a restaurant space before but of course I jumped at the opportunity to design this SIMPLE CHIC dinner at a popular local BBQ restaurant.
The occasion was in honor of a special ladies 63rd bornday celebration and I knew I had to come up with something special.

The dinner was held in a private room and because it was a family and friends gathering we went for a long banquet table setup. The table was adorned with a crisp white butcher paper table runner. ??
I wanted to keep the centerpieces simple and on the smaller side as I knew they would be competing with dishes, beverages and elbows for table space.

I'm not one to hop on trends but I just had to participate in the "painted" ball mason jar phenomenon!

The color scheme was set from the bornday girl's favorite colors and I paid a visit to the local flower warehouse for some blooms that were a little off the beaten path but not to far off the elegant look I was going for. Dahlias, Scabiosa seed pods, and green Spider Mums could be spotted among the floral arrangements.

How much fun is this custom sign for the guest of honors seat! Sticking to the color scheme, I used double faced satin ribbon in sage along with blooms used in the table centerpieces to adorn a throne fit for a queen! And yes the guest of honors name really was Ireland!

We were indeed lucky that the restaurant had great lighting capabilities and the white votive candles I brought in really completed the mood. There was an awesome slideshow presentation of the guest of honor and I added these  photocopied photographs to the table for conversation pieces. Needless to say before dinner was served the photographs were being passed around and the bornday girl was being riddled with questions!



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